If today were your last day on earth, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would go to heaven?

Do you want to come home?  If you have never done anything like this, or are uncertain, or maybe have backslided; meditate first on this prayer and then pray it out aloud in faith to God:

Father, I want to come home.  Please make me your child.  I really need your grace and salvation.  I acknowledge and confess my sins and turn away today from my old life which I lived without you.  Forgive me my sins and set me free from them.  Lord Jesus, I believe that you suffered and died on the cross for me, and that you rose again from the dead.  I open my heart now to you and accept you today in faith as my Saviour, my Lord and my Friend.  I thank you that your blood now cleanses me from all my sin and that you accept me as your child.  I give my whole life and future into your hands.  Thank you for making me part of your family today.  I am now saved, I am born again!  Amen (Rev 3:20, Acts 20:21, John 1:12; 5:24).

Know now with full assurance of faith that God hás accepted you as His child (John 1:12); He hás forgiven you sin and reconciled you with Himself, and that His Spirit will confirm this in your heart (Rom 8:16; 1 John 5:10).  You now already háve eternal life!  (1 John 5:13.)

Peace be to you!!

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